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We may be new, but don't take that for inexperienced.


Vitality Acquisitions

vīˈtalədē / noun
– the state of being strong and active; energy.
– the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things.

Our firm is just that. We are strong and active.

Our mission at Vitality Acquisitions is to be the driving force of energy and development among professionals. We believe it’s vital to bring strong work ethic, positive attitude, and leadership to create success. By doing these things, we will grow and develop our team into dynamic leaders who will help us expand into markets across the country.

As a sales and marketing firm working with different Fortune 100 clients, Vitality Acquisitions is in charge of doing their direct, face to face sales and marketing. We pair our sales and marketing expertise with our internal leadership development program to, not only get great results for our clients, but also to consistently develop our team into the next managers for our clients. Ultimately, we’re a marketing firm that specializes in leadership development.

We are producing results for our clients and delivering satisfaction to our customers with such a great experience that they are becoming long term customers.

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What can we do for you

We are a win win! We are the middleman that offers 100% ROI. Vitality Acquisitions brings a warm smile and handshake straight to your customers.

We offer several years of experience, schooling, and training.  Since training is our #1 focus at Vitality Acquisitions, we know your product and services inside and out.

Our policy is honesty.  Our team goes through an extensive interview and on-boarding process to ensure we are hiring the best.  From there, we treat your brand as if it was our own.  Your name will be a household name for a good reason!

It’s in our name, you can’t expect us not to talk about it.  On top of bringing on new clients with the aid of our client broker, we bring you new customers… every. single. day.  That growth is second to none.

We won’t bring you customers without maintaining them.  We follow up to offer new products, promotions, services, and make sure they are satisfied.

We said it once and we’ll say it again.  We make sure your customers are happy!  A happy customer is a repeat customer so we listen to their needs and wants and make sure those are met.

Who wants more customers?  Everyone!  That’s what Vitality Acquisitions brings to the table.  Our training program is designed for our team members to move into management and help oversee locations across the U.S.



The team that delivers your services

This is the team that is making things happen.  They consistently come through for our client hitting goals and delivering on customer satisfaction.

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Contact Us

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Phone: 636.675.4869
Email: hr@vitalityacquisitions.com

Visit Us: 1405 Pine Street Ste 201 Saint Louis, MO 63103